Bao Chinese

Curriculum Introduction

Bao Chinese is a Chinese course under MandarinX Chinese which focuses on students aged 3-16.
The curriculum consists of two parts:
● A domestic version and an international version.
● Students can freely choose courses according to their own learning objectives and Chinese level.

Domestic Version

Bao Chinese is based on the Chinese language textbooks designated by the Ministry of Education of China. The classic courses in the Chinese language textbooks for elementary schools are carefully selected and integrated with Chinese elements, so that students can be immersed in a learning atmosphere full of Chinese culture to achieve a rapid understanding and effective memorization.

International Version

The combination of Chinese language teaching and classroom activities allows students to easily learn Chinese in an entertaining environment.
Combining the current practical application of Chinese teaching as a syllabus, the team independently develops textbooks for students with and without Chinese backgrounds. The teaching materials are dominated by the five-dimensional skills of: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and practicing combined with immersive teaching classrooms. According to the actual Chinese level of each student, Bao Chinese provides tailor-made, personalized courses to help students comprehensively improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese and better understand Chinese culture.

Features and Advantages

1. Professional pre-class consultation service: level test and preview
2. Professional feedback of the trial class: comprehensive evaluation of students' Chinese level on all aspects of listening, speaking, reading, and writing
3. Regular, quality classroom supervision: the teacher will attend the lecture periodically to ensure the quality of teaching.
4. Long-term follow-up service after class: "four-to-one service" with consultant teachers, classroom teacher, teaching teachers, and technical teachers
5. Unlimited video viewing and playback: understand the present by reviewing the past, providing consolidation and strengthening of core skills
6. 100% money back guarantee for any reason


1. All teachers are selected from domestic Chinese language and literature majors or Chinese international education majors with at least 5 years of experience.
2. Each teacher is chosen through a comprehensive selection process, ensuring that the most suitable teachers are available for each student.
3. Teachers have rich domestic and foreign teaching experiences enabling them to tailor courses for students of different ages and with varying physical and mental developmental characteristics.