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1-on-1 Online Tutoring

1-on-1 Online Tutoring

How do you expect to learn in a 45-min tutoring sessions? Take a trial with US$15 only and you will know! Time to learn Chinese and have the chance to get into the biggest market in the world

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Online Self-paced Chinese Learning

Online Self-paced Chinese Learning

Want to learn alone while achieve your goals? MandarinX Online courses will satisfy your needs and guarantee to know Chinese after online videos! We provide basic and intermediate levels!

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Pearson 認證國際漢語教師培訓

Pearson 認證國際漢語教師培訓

不論現場或線上,跟著MandarinX 師資培訓班,讓你下了課就能教中文,取得英國Pearson培生集團認證之國際漢語教師證照!同時也有機會在中文客開啟教學之路並且拓展國際視野!2019保證班熱烈招生中!

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    1. Pearson頒發國際漢語教師資格認證
    2. 培生集團(Pearson)授權上海瑪瑞歐教育學校辦理師資培訓課程及授予Pearson所頒發的國際漢語教師資格認證。

    3. 75小時工作實習
    4. 按本合約第2條及第5條規定:「此課程原價為新台幣 75,000 元,參與 75 小時工作實習者,得享學費新台幣35,000 元之優惠。如甲方取得證照後拒絕實習 75 小時,需另給付乙方新台幣 40,000 元,以補足新台幣 75,000 元之原價學費。」

      魏銘陞 (Vic Wei)
      Tel: 02-23686959


Verified Students on MandarinX

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2019 MandarinX Camp@Shanghai 上海

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1-on-1 Online Tutoring

MandarinX is offering amazing 1 on 1 tutoring packages. Various packages with our professional, trained teachers will guide and push you to reach your goals whether it's to learn Beginner, Business or HSK Mandarin.

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