MandarinX at 2018 Founders Embassy Demo Night in SFO

Being selected as one of the top 10 from more than 400 international startups, MandarinX 中文客 showed an innovative and brand new product idea in Founders Embassy Acceleration Program and strived to develop highly qualified Mandarin Chinese learning experiences.

Interested in our new plan? Keep yourself posted and we will release the thrilling news soon!

Verified Students Learning

As the loyal students from MandarinX, we appreciate your support and commitment to learning one of the most difficult languages on the planet. Because of this practice is incredibly important! In this page, we list some bonus and promotions only for you! If you need special assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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MandarinX is now offering oral practice packages with a 30% discount for verified students ONLY. With this package, you will get the opportunity to confidently speak out loud about what you have learned in the video courses with professional teachers.

When you have finished the level, you will be able to speak on 6 different topics more fluently! Sign up for your oral training today!

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Currently, we are also offering free oral training for 5 lessons. As loyal students, we would like to give you priority to practice and improve your learning efficiency.

Step 1. Fill out the online form:
Step 2. Wait to be notified by a MandarinX staff member
Step 3. Arrange class times with your teacher
Step 4. Start the 5-week oral training with MandarinX

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2019 Shanghai Camp with MandarinX

Any plans for this summer? ⛱☀️ MandarinX Shanghai Camp is back again! 🙌

Enjoy 10-day language and cultural immersions with us. Do not miss great chance with us again! 🧳

Interested? Leave comments below or send message to us!

Check our Boot Camp page right now:

1-on-1 Online Tutoring Spring Deals

As spring comes and the warm weather with it, awaken your motivation. The early bird catches the worm and MandarinX is always striving to create a learning environment that will help you keep pushing yourself and get ahead.

Here’s your chance! MandarinX will be offering spring deals for a limited time which will be available on March 31. Various packages with our professional teachers will guide and push you to reach your goals.

Act now!

MandarinX Team

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Learn from First Step in Chinese to Business Chinese

MandarinX cares for all learners from different levels, designing scenarios for students to use Chinese more precisely. If you are a beginner in Chinese language, MandarinX recommends you take First Steps to know the five essentials elements of Chinese; then, the Basic Level comes to you with more solid learning.