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In this camp, you will not only enhance your Mandarin Chinese ability, but it will also allow you to experience the daily life of Chinese people. What’s more, cultural workshops in the camp will help you learn Chinese history in a fun way in which in-depth tours will truly surprise you with spectacular scenery. We welcome students from all ages, and we design activities accordingly.


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Colloquial Chinese Practices

Learn most some of the most useful Chinese colloquial phrases in Shanghai. In our Chinese learning camp, our students will have access to listening and speaking practice and learn to think in Chinese through our courses designed to help participants get used to Mandarin Chinese in real-life situations.


Several Cultural Experiences

Aside from Chinese language lessons, we believe that learning is made more interesting when you are able to dig into different facets of the culture and history that shaped the language. With that in mind, you will have several cultural lessons, including paper cutting, Kung Fu classes, and even learning Chinese songs!


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While here, you definitely don't want to miss the Shanghai skyline and the chance to explore the city. A fusion of contemporary and traditional Chinese elements, Shanghai is not only a great place for Chinese learners to adapt to a language, but also to discover the beauty of Chinese and modern architecture. Travel around the city and embrace the spirit of Shanghai.


Expect More

This camp is in collaboration with ciic talk, a MandarinX partner in China. With more than 30 years of camp experiences in Shanghai, your stay is more than just Chinese lessons; instead, you will be given ample opportunities to use what you have learned in class during your daily life here!

MandarinX strives to provide more chances to learn for all students around the world. Come and join us for unforgettable memories in Shanghai!


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